Save Coney Island does not have any current volunteer needs.  Thanks for your support!


August 24, 2010:
Call AND email Coney Island’s City Council Member Dominic Recchia

(718) 373 – 9673,  [email protected]
…and tell his office:
· Preserving and reusing Coney Island’s historic buildings is essential to its successful redevelopment.
· Coney Island must maintain a visible connection to its incredible past.
· They must stop Thor’s plans to demolish Coney Island’s historic buildings.
· They need to act now, before it’s too late!

June 3, 2010:

View the petition here, and please forward it to at least three friends!
Save Coney Island is constantly developing new ways to pressure the city to keep Coney Island a unique cultural neighborhood and to revitalize it as a world-class amusement destination.  There are many ways you can help make this happen.

1. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST – SCI no longer maintains a mailing list-sorry!

2. SPREAD THE WORD. Tell your friends and co-workers about Coney Island and its potential as a breath-taking amusement destination. Forward our petition link, our website posts, and e-blasts to your friends.

3. WRITE THE MAYOR. Let Bloomberg know how you feel about the future of Coney Island.

4.VOLUNTEER. We no longer have any volunteer opportunities.

5. DONATE. You may also want to consider making a financial contribution.  Donations go to help initiatives to educate the public and civic leaders about the fight for Coney Island and to advance other strategic goals.  Your gift could help pay for:

  • Maintaining this site as an archive of our shared efforts to preserve Coney Island’s past and shape its future.

See you on the beach!