Summer Reading

Two excellent articles about the Coney Island redevelopment plans were recently published. In the first, Neil deMause of the Voice takes on the “Coney By the Sea” fiasco. Next up is the meticulous Noticing New York, who digs deep into the thorny questions surrounding the planned amusement acreage. Happy reading! CONEY FESTIVAL BY THE SEA […]

Call for Volunteers!!

We need YOUR help to save Coney Island! The time has come for the boots to hit the pavement and for us to rescue Coney Island. The City Planning Commission is expected vote on the City’s plan on June 17th. By then, we’re planning to collect petition signatures from all over the city letting the […]

It’s Now Or Never: This Tuesday at 7pm

Please Attend our Meeting! This Tuesday at 7PM Help us Save Coney Island!! This is the final hour. The fat lady is clearing her throat. The fate of Coney Island will be decided this summer. A greedy developer and a flawed city rezoning plan threaten the future of the “People’s Playground.” At the end of […]

Welcome to

Welcome to, the online home of Save Coney Island — the grassroots activist group fighting for a bright future for Coney Island. This site will serve as a hub for Coney Island activism — your source for information about what’s happening at the “People’s Playground” and how you can get involved in the fight […]