RALLY: Don’t Shrink Coney Island! June 10th


When / Where:
* New York City Hall Steps (Btw. Broadway and Park Row)
* Wednesday June 10, 1 p.m.
* We will meet at 12:30 p.m. by the fountain in City Hall park so that we have time to go through security.
* Parade will follow demonstration.

The future of Coney Island is in danger!

The City’s current flawed rezoning plan would destroy Coney Island’s unique character and undermine its historic amusement district: It allows high-rise towers up to 27 stories tall in the heart of Coney Island’s amusement district. It limits the area reserved for the outdoor rides to a narrow, nine-acre strip of land. It endangers Coney Island’s historic buildings.

And time is running out! The Planning Commission will vote on the plan in just a couple of weeks!

We must urge Mayor Bloomberg, Council member Recchia, and the rest of City Council to fix this flawed plan:

* Expand the acreage for outdoor rides and amusements. Nine acres isn’t enough!
* Keep high-rises out of the heart of the amusement district.
* Protect small businesses, create amusement jobs, preserve Coney Island’s historic structures.

By fixing its plan, the City can revitalize Coney Island’s historic amusement district, preserving this local treasure as a playground for all New Yorkers, a world-class tourist destination and an economic engine for New York City.

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