Preserving the Best of the Boardwalk

News that many of Coney Island’s Boardwalk businesses will not have their leases renewed has sparked an outcry among those who love Coney Island.

While Save Coney Island recognizes the importance of revitalizing Coney Island and making improvements to the Boardwalk, we feel strongly that any redevelopment should include the businesses that have helped sustain Coney Island during tough times. Save Coney Island believes that building on Coney Island’s existing strengths is preferable to a blank slate approach to redevelopment. Honoring Coney Island’s past is integral to efforts to give it a bright future.

Save Coney Island commends Zamperla for the positive role it has played in opening the new Luna Park. However, we are urging Zamperla to negotiate with existing Boardwalk businesses so that more can remain. It is our hope that such negotiations will yield a better mix of old and new that retains more of the best of the existing Coney Island.

In particular, Save Coney Island believes that the retention of Ruby’s Bar & Grill is extremely important. The bar has been a part of Coney Island for more than 70 years and has been owned by the family of Ruby Jacobs since the 1970s. The Jacobs family has stuck with Coney Island through good times and bad, building up a loyal clientele and a great sense of community. We are urging Zamperla to work with Ruby’s to find a way to let this beloved Boardwalk icon remain.

Photo by Reuben Radding

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