Coney Island Film Screening Wednesday Dec. 2


THE SIREN SCREEN SERIES at the Black Horse Pub

Wednesday, Dec. 2
The Black Horse Pub
568 5th Avenue @ 16th Street
Park Slope, Brooklyn
8pm  – $10 cover
*All profits go to support Save Coney Island!

Save Coney Island presents the Siren Screen Series and throws the film world into upheaval with our own night of screenings.  In a universe shamefully devoid of Coney Island saving short films, the Siren Screen Series brings together 10 different shorts from 10 different directors. Bitter, angry, and often violent rivals on the festival tour, these 10 join forces for one night and one night only to keep the internationally famous amusement empire condo-free.

From the touching and relevant to the ridiculous and inane, each filmmaker reveals a unique passion for the Brooklyn Riviera.  Come to the only haunt which dare host all 10 films, Brooklyn’s famous Black Horse Pub (568 5th Ave.) on Wednesday, December 2nd at 8:00 PM and become a part of cinematic history.  For the absurdly low price of 10 dollars (the equivalent of one Georgie per film) you too can say that you were there when the world’s most cherished and closely guarded assumptions of short films were forever shattered.

The lineup:

11Under the Roller Coaster – Lila Place – 15 mins (documentary)
For thousands, the Thunderbolt was a Coney Island icon, but for Mae Timpano it was home. Mae’s story, that of one woman and her unique relationship with a roller coaster, is a window onto a lost world.

NOTE: Under the Roller Coaster is a Slamdance Film Festival winner.

385_belle_postcard_frontBelle – Ruth Serger – 15 mins (narrative, 2004)

A subversive fable of old age and beauty as seen through, Belle, one of the boardwalk locals.  Through Belle we explore the intersection of age, race and our expectations of others.

NOTE: Belle played at the Tribeca Film Festival.

7 Falcons are 3 Howie Alex – 6 mins (narrative)

Set in Coney Island, this is a satirical look at a small time bookie who feels trapped by the degenerate neighborhood gamblers he feeds off.
NOTE:  Howie Alex is a Coney Island Film Festival award winner.

6100 lovers of Jesus Reynolds – Ilya Chaiken – 7 mins (narrative)
(Ilya is known for the indie feature “Liberty Kid”)

Sexual outlaw Jesus Reynolds reminisces about her many encounters. In particular, the one that almost made her miss the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. A story of sex, love, and priorities in New York City.
NOTE:  100 Lovers played at the Sundance Film Festival.


Sodom by the Sea – John Salvatore 19 mins (narrative)

While greedy developers look to buy up Coney Island’s amusement district, Billy, an old timer who’s been running the B&B Carousell for over 30 summers, finds that there is an even greater danger out there.

NOTE:  Sodom played at the Big Apple Film Festival.
4Coney Island Saved Me – Amanda Jencsik – 11 mins (narrative)

.A trip to Coney Island helps Kristina, a dispirited college student, see the bright side of life.  Meeting Jimmy Freak Show and a few other locals puts a needed bounce back in her step.  In a small way, Coney has saved her.  Now she’s out to return the favor!

NOTE:  Amanda Jencsik is a multiple Coney Island Film Festival award winner.
3The Light of EonsDavid Rogers – 16 mins (narrative)

In the future a simple pill can keep you awake forever. Jeffery hasn’t slept for years, but a discovery in outer space and a betrayal at home make him reconsider his sleepless life.
NOTE: Eons played at the New Orleans Film Festival.

385_bhsf09_coneyislandConey Island’s for the Birds – Alexis Neophytides – 15 minutes (documentary, 2008)

Bets; bloodlines; cutthroat competition to have the fastest animal. No, not horse racing, the sport of kings. Pigeon racing, the sport of Kings County. Here we catch the many ups and downs of a rooftop past-time as old as Coney itself.

NOTE: For the Birds played at the Oxford Film Festival.

385_11-andy-and-walrus-copyThe Nature of the Beast – Nate Pommer – 16 mins (narrative, 2007)

Darryl is an ex-con fresh out of the joint. He doesn’t want any trouble. His old buddy Leo has double-crossed the wrong walrus. Two old friends, one strange night of demons from the past.

NOTE: Beast played at the Brooklyn International Film Festival.

2The Green FlashAdam Davis – 25 mins (narrative)

When an orphan living under the boardwalk in Coney Island meets up with a dying drug dealer, their chance encounter will change them both forever.

NOTE:  Green Flash played at the USA Film Festival and stars Omar Epps in his first ever role.

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