Call for Volunteers!!

We need YOUR help to save Coney Island!

The time has come for the boots to hit the pavement and for us to rescue Coney Island. The City Planning Commission is expected vote on the City’s plan on June 17th. By then, we’re planning to collect petition signatures from all over the city letting the administration and council-members know that they won’t be turning the People’s Playground into the people’s sandlot without a fight.

In order to collect those letters, we need volunteers. Lots of them!! We need people to pair up, clipboard in hand, at one of the various high-traffic spots throughout the city and collect signatures for a couple of hours. We also need people who have access to locations close to the places we’ll be hitting that might serve as pick-up/drop-off spots for the volunteers’ materials (clipboard, petitions, stickens, pens, etc.) Do you have access to high-powered printing services? Let us know! We need your help!

Take a look at our online shift schedule and then email us at [email protected] with your availability.

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